Corporate Classes

I teach corporate classes for local business. Call centres, office workers, teachers, work teams.

Businesses are more aware that staff sitting at their desks all day can lead to poor posture and poor back flexibility. Lunchtime and post work (shift) classes help the team relax, workout and have some fun. Sponsored by the employer I teach a 45 minute classes for all levels. Charge per hour with agreed class size. Please contact me for more details.

Private Classes

I teach one to one classes booked in a block of four lessons for £80.

You will have a tailor made 45 minutes session based on an individual assessment.

I also teach small groups of friends up to 4 - 6 in a group. A block of lessons tailor made for the group £10 per person. These can be done at my studio or at your own location. 

Pilates Classes - Matt Work

Mat Pilates Classes every week see the mat work page for current classes available.

Every Tuesday 7.15pm - 8.15pm

Every Thursday 6pm - 7pm

The Old Mill Studio 

Lower Quay, Fareham PO16 0RA

These classes are multi level Pilates class.

The class is structured so that their are always levels for each exercise so you can work at your own pace. The classes are dynamic and fun. Different routines each week so you can drop in or buy a class pass for 6 weeks.

Mats are provided.

Six week class pass* £42  Drop in class £8 

To buy a class pass please email:

Or text Katherine: 079 8000 7727

*A 6 week class pass can be used for any of the classes and does not have to be used consecutively - so if you miss a week it doesn't matter! The passes are valid for 3 months.

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is an excellent form of exercise to help develop a strong "core" or centre of the body. It works with your deep abdominal muscles and the muscles close to your spine to give you greater flexibility and strength in your back.

Pilates conditions the whole body. It concentrates on your spinal and pelvic alignment to aid correct posture. It requires concentration, correct breathing, control and flow of movement between the exercises.

Pilates is about technique and retrains your body to move in a safer, more efficient pattern of motion - so often used to help in recovery from sports injuries, sports performance, good posture and optimal health.

Pilates is hard - but fun!

Please email or phone me for more details:

t: 079 8000 77 27


Every Tuesday evening 6pm -7pm

During these classes you will learn some of the basic Pilates exercises. It will teach you how to set up a good Pilates posture and allow for modifications  to help you work through a basic routine. This is a rolling beginners class so you can join at any time. Once you feel confident you can move onto the multi level class that starts at 7.15pm.

It doesn't matter how flexible, fit or strong you are. Because the class is small you will get lots of individual attention to help you learn the Pilates moves. You have to buy a block of 6 classes which run consecutively so that you complete the beginners course £42

Come on your own - or with a friend. Only 8 spaces so email / phone/ text / message me to reserve your space!