About Me
Welcome! I'm Katherine and I am a qualified Pilates and Yoga teacher and have Tides Studio at Fareham Marina, a lovely location for my weekly classes.
 Pilates is a method of movement and if you are looking to get fitter, more flexible and stronger 'core strength' these classes are for you.
Yoga is a philosophy - a way of life! My classes aim to teach you not just the yoga poses but how the teachings that come with yoga and how they can help you in your everyday life. 
I enjoy working with people. I believe that if you give yourself some time you can get more from life. I believe that anyone can get fit with a regular program of exercise, good nutrition and the right mindset.
So if you're ready to enjoy better health, higher energy levels and physical wellness then contact me and find out about my classes and Saturday workshops to see if there is something for you! My classes aim to help people of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels to attain well-being, strength, and the ability to achieve relaxation easily.
Please look through my website to learn more about my classes, or contact me here.